Surprise gift from a friend

When you collect art, you develop a fine-tuned eye for perfection in everything. You learn what makes for quality and what degrades to schlock. Your expectations are on high. In fact, you start to get picky about everything in life. Whatever has an aesthetic dimension is a target for taste. I, for one, accept no compromises.

Sheets are no exception, which is why they come in extraordinary thread counts of Pima or Egyptian cotton. People who want the best expect silky softness, durability, and strength. No holes allowed, even after several years’ time. No fraying of edges, no pilling, and no fading of color. In short, you get what you pay for, and it can run in hundreds of dollars. Good things cost!

Fortunately, I got a set of fine sheets as a gift from a friend as a surprise for a birthday. They are superb! My critical eye has found no flaws. I always expected drawings or paintings to provide such thrills—not mere utilitarian items. Who knew you could be so pleased with an expanse of fabric. You feel like inviting people over for a touch and feel, just as you would for a new acquisition. Too bad sheets are under wraps beneath the duvet and not open for public inspection and adulation.

All my old sets are folded neatly and removed from the closet. Those in tip top condition are going to Goodwill or a charity for a donation. The others are toast. How can you go back to basics when you h have had the best? I will have to think of a really nice gift for my friend in return on the next special occasion.

Good things come in small square sheet-shaped packages in pretty patterns and colors. I could rhapsodize forever. Sometimes making a fuss over nothing is fun. I am used to going on about a color palette, shape and form, composition, and space. I am fond of evaluating brushwork, a fine line, and exceptional light and shade. This time I am into texture—the tactile wonderfulness of a sheet. The feel is on the body should be subtle and never harsh. How do people put up with ordinary cotton?

If you want a splurge that will impact you every night, I would vote for high-end bamboo sheets. People skimp on strange things. Of course, I wish they would spend more on real art instead of posters, too. But seriously, it can be amortized to next to nothing over time. Think of it as pennies of day and no more. Every time your bare foot hits the bottom fitted sheet, it knows the nature of the sublime.

I hear that there is even something that is 1500 thread count for just a single ply. Can you imagine? It would be like sleeping on a cloud. Egyptian cotton in any case is warm in winter, cool in summer, and super eco-friendly. So it hits all the buttons when it comes to linens. They are readily available online for about $125-150 per sheet. You want the same quality for your pillow cases, of course. You face also deserves a heavenly treat.