What I Get for Taking Time Off

I spotted a great all-around stand up paddle board for fitness paddling, touring, river running and light surf; it has a 6 in. thick design with more air volume for larger paddlers. I have to tell you about it. Suddenly I got excited about taking a rare vacation off from my art enterprises and this board set my mind going. There is always room in your garage for an inflatable SUP. You can also throw it back in the car or even take it on an airplane as you jet off for a new adventure.

The one I like has 280 liters of volume and the board provides, so they say, optimal performance and stability for paddlers who weigh up to 240 pounds. If you know what double sidewall construction is, you also know that it increases durability and streamlined appearance. The performance according to reviews rivals a hard board so why not go inflatable. It rolls up compactly after you deflate it; thus it is easy to transport and store.

This board has PVC construction that is really heavy duty and which can stand up to abrasion and considerable abuse. A foam deck pad gives you a nonslip surface for riding control. Wait…there’s more. Nylon fins flex in order to absorb impacts without breaking. You can interchange fins as they are removable. This means in effect that you can customize your board to suit the kind of water you are riding. Tracking and turning can be just the way you want. When you are ready to go home, you use the inflation/deflation valve. It will work reliably every time. To tote the deflated board with ease, there is a sturdy handle in the center of the board, which means no hassle carrying. There is also a handle up front and on the tail. These assist in holding onto the board during a swim. Plus, D-rings allow for various options if you want to attach a gear or a leash. A carry/story backpack comes with the board so you get your money’s worth. You can add a high-pressure pump as an accessory, a valve adapter, and a handy repair kit. So now, let’s get going.

And I did. I was out on the water trying multiple times to stand up for a longer time on the inflatable SUP. I spent quite a time at it and got better in a couple of hours. I was starting to get tired and knew it was time for safety reasons to take a break. One more ride, I said however. It was the last one of the day. I will tell you why. I fell off at an odd angle and twisted my leg causing my ankle to swell and hurt. Yikes. I was a goner and done for the day. I rode to shore on my stomach and hobbled to my waiting terry beach towel not a few feet away. I rolled up in a ball of pain. But I won’t avoid riding again one day. It was great fun.